BertKoor's Music Calculator

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This web page allows you to do calculations for musical applications.
Just fill in what you know, and the calculator will do the rest.
There will not be a help page ever.


In this section you may change appearance and behaviour of the calculator.

Show half notes as: Sharp () Flat ()
When ♯ / ♭ looks weird: Use ASCII: # / b

Midi note nr: equals: on octave
Tuning: Hz equals: on octave

Calculation Precision:

Sampling Frequency: Tolerance: +/- ppm

Short Sample Calculator

Calculate sample length, buffer size, frequency, note names, etc

Length: samples
Time: milliseconds
Frequency: Hz
Midi note nr:
Note name: oct cents

Long Sample Calculator

Calculate sample length, BPM (beats per minute) etc

One Bar: * notes
Time: seconds
Length: samples
B.P.M. :